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Sideway: New York shows off new mechanics and a spray-on look


The PSN Blog has posted a feature on Sideway: New York, the upcoming 2D platformer from Playbrains that features a lead character actually painted on a wall, and interacting with the environment from a flat plane. Developer Scott Simpson is also interviewed, and talks a little bit about the various mechanics of the game -- working through the levels will allow your character, Nox, to double-jump, glide down a wall, or even leave the wall for a bit to explore the actual 3D world.

The trailer above shows off the game's art style as well -- it's not super realistic, even in the parts off of the wall, but the "sprayed-on" graffiti asthetic does seem to make for a few fun twists and turns. Sideway: New York (the subtitle hints, of course, that it's the first in a series) will be available on October 11 for $9.99 on PSN.

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