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Japanese hardware sales, September 19 - 25: Ballz edition

Jordan Mallory

Now that Bloody Roar is back on the table, we consider the fighting-game flood-gates officially open. Sure, it would make sense to bring back big-name franchises like Killer Instinct, Clayfighter, or if you want a deep cut, Battle Arena Toshinden or Bushido Blade, but where's the fun in that? Repetition and predictability is what killed the scene the last time, and if we're going to bring a series back from beyond, it should be something most people are unfamiliar with.

That's right, we're talking about Ballz, the 1994 almost-3D fighter from PF Magic and Accolade. PF Magic, you'll recall, was also responsible for the Petz franchise that would eventually become Ubisoft's bread and butter. As you can see from the video above, Ballz was so ahead of its time, the smack-talk displayed by its billboards still hasn't been invented, 17 years later. The early nineties may not have been, but we think 2011 is ready for some Ballz.

- 3DS: 70,159 [UP] 11,322 (19.24%)
- PS3: 39,452 [UP] 3,391 (9.40%)
- PSP: 28,533 [UP] 3,411 (13.58%)
- Wii: 14,034 [DOWN] 1,372 (8.91%)
- Xbox 360: 3,897 [UP] 2,602 (200.93%)
- DSi LL: 2,991 [UP] 122 (4.25%)
- DSi: 2,351 [UP] 117 (5.24%)
- PS2: 1,517 [UP] 200 (15.19%)
- DS Lite: 86 [UP] 8 (10.26%)
- PSP Go: 15 [UP] 8 (114.29%)

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