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This Dota 2 fan set up a billboard to win a beta key


One Dota 2 fan wanted to win a beta key in a big way in Valve's recent photo contest -- like, really big. The rules stipulated entrants submit a photograph of themselves "holding a sign that reads 'Dota 2' and your ' Username' in any creative fashion," and that the image had to be larger than 600x400 px. So Steven Addison put his image on a billboard, because that's what sane people do to get beta keys.

Placing an ad on an electronic billboard in Addison's neighborhood normally costs $3,000. Addison and his friend wanted to use the billboard in a student film as well, and after Addison explained their situation, a kind Clear Channel man offered him a small amount of air time for free. We're very happy to hear that, because compared to the other submissions, even $20 seems like too much to have invested in this contest.

[Thanks, Barnz!]

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