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Dark Souls collector's edition contents (slightly) altered


When we received our review copy of Dark Souls, we noticed the collector's edition contents weren't exactly as they were described back in May. Don't worry, if you pre-ordered Dark Souls in North America, you're still getting all the same bonus content, albeit in a different format. The package still comes in a metal tin and features a copy of the game and a hardbound art book.

What's changed, however, is that the mini strategy guide, behind-the-scenes videos and original soundtrack are no longer included on physical media, but are instead via a download token. Meanwhile, the UK version is a little different as well. It turns out the UK version does include the soundtrack and behind-the-scenes videos on physical discs, both of which reside in pockets in the art book's cover. Not included with the UK version, however, is the metal tin.

Hopefully, that clears things up. Not that it's going to matter much after the Capra Demon kills you for the millionth effing time.

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