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Final Fantasy XIV prepares a new company page in anticipation of tomorrow's patch

Eliot Lefebvre

Tomorrow will see the truly massive patch 1.19 go live for Final Fantasy XIV, bringing with it a plethora of updates and expansions to the game as well as a renewed focus on the Grand Companies of Eorzea. So it only makes sense that before the patch goes live, the official page for the companies has been updated in full. Rather than providing a single and somewhat disorganized list, the revamped page gives each of the companies a spot for in-universe updates and a new feature honoring the recent heroes of each company.

Starting on October 6th, the page for each company will track the contributions of players on each server, displaying the names of those individuals showing exceptional dedication to the cause. Each page also features one of the national newspapers reporting on the activities of the company, promising more lore and connected updates for players to follow. It's not the patch itself, but the page should give Final Fantasy XIV players just one more thing to look forward to in the coming days.

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