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Image Comics joins the ComiXology banner


ComiXology has grabbed yet another major comic book publisher for its iOS app, this time recruiting Image Comics to publish to the digital platform day and date with the paper releases. The app has already landed both DC and Marvel in publishing agreements, so adding the Image stable of comics to the mix really rounds out the selections. ComiXology will publish Image's comics same day on the iOS and Android apps, as well as in digital form on the company's website. And Image will use ComiXology's tech to power its own digital website, as well as run its own branded iOS app. That's good new for fans of Chew, The Infinite, The Walking Dead, or any of the other comic books currently being published under the Image Comics heading.

And it's also good news for ComiXology, which is slowly building up a comic book digital publishing empire, all built on Apple's iOS platform. The company is slowly expanding its operations beyond the App Store's borders, but there's no doubt at all that much of its success is predicated on the original App Store app (one of the first comic book readers on iPhone and later on the iPad). There's been a lot of talk about the battle between ink and paper publishers and the new digital publishing industry, but ComiXology is right out there on the front lines, and appears to be doing quite well.

Update: Just to clarify, Image already had a few comics in the ComiXology system. But the fact that the entire line is now day and date is the news here.

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