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Xbox 360 'New Dashboard' captured on video, Kinect and all

We had a chance to check out Microsoft's new New Xbox Experience – being simply called the "New Dashboard" this time around – last month, but the slick Metro UI was curiously camera shy. However, when plied with the the romance of the French language, Microsoft somehow let a video of the new UI leak into the always open arms of the internet. Above, you'll find over two minutes of furtive, french footage full of features, including full Kinect support of the UI – no more Kinect Hub, thankyouverymuch!

Although the much-vaunted voice search is absent, it's worth noting that the video is muted, so not only would a tour of the new dash's voice search feature be worthless, it would also be in french. "Xbox, Bing Le Batman." What does that even mean?

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