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App Store begins accepting iOS 5 submissions


iOS 5 is almost here, boys and girls, and Apple has just given the green light for firmware-specific App Store submissions.

This happens before each major release, where developers can begin to submit software using the gold master SDK. Until that time, App Store forbids submissions using beta SDK development tools.

Reviewers are typically overwhelmed once the notice is given, although they appear to work overtime to get material reviewed in a timely fashion. This is one of those times you really see Apple bending over backwards to help developers get ready for launch.

Developers have been building tools all summer, waiting (but dreading) this moment. In a way, it's always too long to wait. In another, it's always too short a time period to get everything done. But that's the way Apple and App Store work, and you have to ride the wave.

Once iOS 5 goes live, expect to see some of the shiniest examples of the new batch of software get featured on App Store. And also watch for TUAW's full coverage of the new iOS features. Until then, pre-release TUAW iOS 5 coverage -- researched and written by our non-NDA staffers -- is available here.

Happy developing everyone! Thanks, everyone who tipped us.

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