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Apple's Cards available on October 12 for iOS


Apple has announced a new official app for iOS. Cards will use any photo taken with an iOS device, and put that photo, along with a message, on high-quality paper to your specifications. The company will even mail it out for you with Apple-designed postage and lettering. Essentially, it offers a way for you to design and deliver custom greeting cards directly from your iOS device, wherever you happen to be.

Apple's Cards is due out on October 12. The app seems to be free, though obviously it'll cost you to send and print a card -- $2.99 in the U.S., and $4.99 around the rest of the world. You'll even get a push notification on your device whenever the card is actually printed and sent out. Sure, this might not be the hottest announcement from today's event, but it's a service that a lot of users might want to take advantage of.

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