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DC Universe Online Facebook page teases fifth update 'soon' [update: how about now?]


DC Universe Online's official Facebook account has teased the fifth update for the popular console and PC MMO, hinting at new features and new characters to play with. The "Fate of the Fortress" update will include a new difficulty mode for the Hive Alert zone (with new loot to match), a duel feature for fighting friends, the ability to fight in the Batcave as yourself (rather than as the premade Iconic characters), and appearances from both Jor-El, Superman's dad, and the evil General Zod. We're not sure how that last one will be used, but best guess is that you'll have to /kneel before him.

That's just a little MMO humor for you there (very little). DCUO is scheduled to go free-to-play by the end of this month, and so presumably the update will drop sometime right around then. In fact, the official account comments on the Facebook page that "Update 5 is soon, F2P is Late October," so we may even see this new content out sooner than the changeover.

[Update: The DCUO Update 5 is now live.]

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