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Epic Games announces Infinity Blade 2, coming 12/1 on iPhone 4S


Mike Capp from Epic Games has taken the stage at Apple's iPhone event in Cupertino today to show off Infinity Blade 2, the upcoming sequel to one of the most popular games on iOS (a game, incidentally, that Epic says it's made $20 million from already). The new game will reportedly take full advantage of the newly announced iPhone 4S' A5 graphics chip, and even implement "some graphics techniques that aren't even available on home gaming consoles." The demo shown was of course beautiful, featuring lots of reflections and shadows, and even in-world details like koi swimming in a pond and fireflies in the air.

The game is essentially the same kind of swordfight gameplay, though in this version, the player will be going after the creator of the Infinity Blade itself. Dual wielding, with one sword in each hand, will be possible as well.

No price yet, but Infinity Blade 2 is set to come out on December 1. There's no word whether it will require an iPhone 4S to run (hope not), but Apple did say that it would only run at its best on the new version of the iPhone.

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