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PayPal to open NYC pop-up store next month, showcase new mobile payment services

Amar Toor, @amartoo

The idea of a physical PayPal store may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but that's exactly what the company is planning to open next month, in Manhattan. As TechCrunch recently revealed, the forthcoming pop-up store is slated to open its doors on November 1st, as part of a campaign designed to promote PayPal's new slate of in-store technologies. Located at 174 Hudson Street in Tribeca, the outlet will also sport a large QR code on its exterior, which passers-by can scan with their smartphones to find more information on the company's new mobile payment services. Inside, merchants will be able to better familiarize themselves with PayPal's commercial offerings, which include location-based promotions, cross-device payment services and real-time inventory checks, among others. The store will be open for about three and a half months, and PayPal's new features should be making their way to physical retailers in the near future. No word yet on specific partnerships, though the company is expected to announce them soon.

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