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ZTE V55 tablet shows off its derriere at the FCC, Sprint branding in tow


ZTE hasn't made much of a splash stateside, seeing as how the OEM was content to churn out white label devices. All that's changed now as part of the company's strategy to dispense with the anonymity and join the wireless rat race. Making good on that promise is the outfit's ZTE V55 tablet that just reared its touchscreen face over at the FCC. Back in July, a leaked Sprint roadmap had tipped us off to a possible 1st quarter 2012 bow for the slab, and with this unveiled Commission filing, that launch date seems likely. Aside from the de rigeur WiFi b /g and Bluetooth support, not much else can be gleaned from this mystery slate -- apart from its apparent Android leanings. Curiously, the documents refer to ZTE's device as a CDMA tablet and, sure enough, we couldn't find any indication of a 4G radio. We'll keep you posted should this pop up once again with additional bands -- WiMAX or otherwise. Hit up the source below to peruse the federal findings for yourself.

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