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    Daily iPad App: iBuild ABCs


    iBuild ABCs is a children's game that helps youngsters learn their letters and improve their fine motor skills. It's designed for young children and its gameplay is appropriately simple.

    There are 26 letters that are exploded into three to five parts made of different building materials like wood, pipes or steel. The child must build each letter by arranging the parts on a virtual blueprint. Each part of the letter will match the blueprint diagram perfectly and there are holes to help the child line things up. There are also hinges and bolts that must be placed on the letter to hold it together.

    The iPad learning game has nice big interface that's perfect for the small hands of a two to four-year-old child. And it has just enough sound effects and verbal rewards to keep the game interesting, not loud and annoying. It's a great game for the pre-school child, as long as you don't mind handing over your iPad to your three-year-old.

    iBuild ABCs is available from the App Store for a very reasonable 99-cents.

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