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New Batman: Arkham City villain found in Qore


Batman: Arkham City's character roster is starting to get a little crowded! The new episode of Qore, added to PSN last night, offers a look at yet another villain that will stalk the locked-down streets of Gotham.

YouTube user MrKQGaming captured the relevant segment of Qore, which you'll have to watch closely to catch the new villain (amongst all those other villains). We've got a screencap after the break, just for those of you daring enough to see the villain's identity before the game launches later this month.

It's Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter, looking ... rather underdressed. Is that a V-neck? Gotham is a big city, of course, so there's still room for even more characters -- like Poison Ivy, making a return appearance. Personally, we'd like to see a "gritty" version of Bat-Mite.

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