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Rage against the extreme: Introducing L.A.W -- Living After War


Are you brave? A little nuts? A mutated cat-like thing with a giant sword and a healthy resistance to radiation? Then you, like most Massively readers, are set for the apocalypse and prime for the latest post-nuclear MMO, L.A.W -- Living After War.

Set a couple hundred years in the future, the title sees self-imposed exiled survivors of a nuclear holocaust return to Earth to start civilization and Walmart all over again. But it turns out Earth isn't empty, and the abominations unto nature itself aren't willing to give up their turf without a fight. It... plays better if you imagine thrash metal music in the background.

L.A.W's two factions boasts three classes apiece, and we're intrigued at the mention of a transformation ability that can turn us into "mighty creatures." Players will punctuate these PvP struggles with -- of course -- stock market trading and crafting.

Get a feel for L.A.W with our first look screenshots below and a trailer after the jump. On board? Then head on over to the site and sign up for the closed beta!

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