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Yakuza: Dead Souls coming to North America and Europe in March


As suggested by trademarks and semi-cryptic statements from a producer, Sega has revealed plans to bring Yakuza: Of the End to the west as Yakuza: Dead Souls. Now that we know for sure that the plans are real, we can safely say that, as producer Daisuke Sato informed us, the controls will be updated to be familiar with western tastes.

Coming in Sega's traditional March release window, Dead Souls swaps out Yakuza's hand-to-hand-to-bicycle-wheel mob violence for gunplay against the zombies, who now populate the closed-off Kamurocho area of Tokyo.

The announcement suggests that the Japanese DLC will be bundled with this western release, so look forward to blasting zombies in modern-day Japan while dressed as a pirate.

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