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15 Minutes of Fame: Will you be at BlizzCon?


From Hollywood celebrities to the guy next door, millions of people have made World of Warcraft a part of their lives. How do you play WoW? We're giving each approach its own 15 Minutes of Fame.

If you're planning to attend BlizzCon this year, 15 Minutes of Fame just might be looking for you! Our reporters and photographers will be out looking for interesting backstories from some of the most enthusiastic Blizzard and World of Warcraft fans in attendance.

If you or anyone you know will be at BlizzCon and fall into any of the categories below, please drop me an email at with "BlizzCon interviews" in the subject line. Let me know why we might want to interview you and how I can reach you via email and (optionally) Twitter. Don't be shy -- conventions are chaotic events, and we need plenty of suggestions in order to be able to actually track all of you down!
  • Biggest guild group in attendance
  • Long-distance traveler (How far will you be travelling to get to BlizzCon? Coming up from Down Under?)
  • Cosplayers (Tell me about your costume and give me a feel for its complexity; we'll be interviewing a number of stand-outs!)
  • Long-distance romantic couple meeting for the first time at BlizzCon

More players we're seeking at BlizzCon, after the break.

  • Young players (Age 10 or younger; tell your mom or dad we don't have to identify you by name!)
  • Older players (Over age 60.)
  • Special interest groups (Are you meeting up with fellow WoW-playing knitters? MMO academics? Other fanfic writers?)
  • Biggest family group
  • 15 Minutes of Fame alum (If we haven't already touched base and you're coming, let me know!)
  • Guilds: Most packed schedule of events for a BlizzCon/guild meetup weekend
  • Addon developers
  • Classic/retro raiders

And if you're not going to BlizzCon ...

15 Minutes of Fame is also on the hunt for players who are not attending BlizzCon who fit the following profiles. If you or someone you know fits the bill, email me at
  • The home decorator Some people just can't help showing their Horde, Alliance or overall Azerothian pride. Do you know someone whose home bears makes more than passing reference to Azeroth?
  • The charitable type We've all heard of Child's Play, the gaming industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games. Do you know anyone who's come up with another way to use WoW to raise funds for a charitable cause?
  • The kiting king We know they're out there -- players who see every new NPC as an opportunity in kiting. Tell us about your most impressive feats of kiting!
  • The success story Are you an artist, blogger, designer, modder or other WoW hobbyist whose WoW-centric projects have helped catapult you into your chosen profession?
  • The old hand We're looking for an A-team raider who's 55+ years old and still doing hard modes with the best of them.
  • The battle-scarred veteran Who taught you the ropes in the arena? We want to talk to your battle-hardened mentor.
  • The AH PVPer The frenzy of the trading floor is where it's at for you. Are you an Auction House wheeler and dealer?
  • The stalwart guild leader Have you kept your guild together since beta? (Please be particularly specific when nominating anyone in this category; we receive many recommendations for GMs, and all too often, they sound "nice" but not absolutely outstanding. What's unique about your nominee?)
  • The disabled player Have you enjoyed considerable success using adaptive equipment or software to cope with your disability?
  • That guy with the website Nominate the person behind your absolute favorite WoW blog or theorycrafting site or mod or cartoon or machinima or service.
Know someone else who'd make a great interview with 15 Minutes of Fame? Send them this way by emailing your nomination (bonus DKP for contact info!) to

"I never thought of playing WoW like that!" -- and neither did we, until we talked with these players, from a player battling Alzheimer's disease to Game of Thrones' Hodor (Kristian Nairn), gaming industry insider Liz Danforth and El of El's Extreme Anglin'. Know someone else we should feature? Email

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