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Face of Mankind looking for storyline gamemasters

Jef Reahard

Nexeon Technologies is looking for a few good storytellers, according to a post on the Face of Mankind forums. The sci-fi sandbox has long been a theoretically rich roleplaying environment, and the devs are looking to put that theory into practice.

"We are currently looking to bring back an official storyline to Face of Mankind in a manner whereby it will play a significant part [in] the roleplay environment [of] the game, and where we will see players from all factions and backgrounds taking part in one way or another," writes Arthurius, Nexeon's community manager.

To that end, Nexeon is looking to bring in several storyline gamemasters, and applications are now being accepted. The requirements are nothing to sneeze at, particularly when it comes to game knowledge, perfect grammar, and the willingness to sacrifice your own game time for the greater good. If you think you've got what it takes (or you're just curious), you can read more on the official Face of Mankind forums.

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