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Otherland dev talks timelines and Tad Williams' influence

Jef Reahard

MMORPGs based on pre-existing intellectual properties are a tricky business, and for every Lord of the Rings Online -- which at least makes an attempt at remaining faithful to its source material -- there's a Star Wars Galaxies or a Star Trek Online that sacrifices canonical authenticity on the altar of gameplay.

Then there's Otherland, gamigo's ambitious MMO based on Tad Williams' famous sci-fi cycle. A new interview with gamigo CEO Patrick Streppel sheds a bit of light on the title's timeline and canon and teases fans with glimpses of what they'll see and do when they plug in to what amounts to a virtual world set in a virtual world.

"Tad [Williams] has been very involved in the project from the beginning and provided lots of input to the development team on top of the source material. He is truly passionate about his vision being turned into a game," Streppel says. How will the game present that vision? It is "essentially a sequel" to the novels, and as a result of the dramatic conclusion at the end of the fourth and final book, it will now "be up to the players to get [Otherland] back online." The interview also delves briefly into gameplay topics, character creation, and more, so head to to have a look.

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