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FFXIV's Yoshida answers fan questions in live producer letter video

Jef Reahard

If you're a Final Fantasy XIV fan -- and you're looking for a way to kill 90 minutes -- you might want to take a gander at the new producer letter video that's just been posted on the game's official website. Naoki Yoshida recently answered fan questions during a lengthy livestream session, and we've embedded the complete clip after the cut.

If wading through an hour and a half of rapid-fire Japanese (sans subtitles) isn't your thing, Square-Enix has provided a few text highlights to help you make sense of the Q&A session. Among the interesting tidbits are potential new races (to include demi-humans and dragons) as well as a mention of the dev team's priority focus on improving FFXIV's linkshell system and its party formation features.

Yoshida also offers a quick progress report on the process of transforming FFXIV from its launch state into a proper Final Fantasy game. "To be honest, I consider that we're about half-way to the point where we can confidently call it Final Fantasy," he says.

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