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Phat Loot Phriday: Westfall Chicken


"The girl's family lives about 50 hides down. The matron recognized the description," the druid said. "The locals says they heard a ruckus -- their words, not mine -- but didn't think anything of it after all the Deathwing trouble here."

"And they just ... gave you the information?" Lolegolas asked. "They just told where these people were, didn't wonder if you might be a spy?" The Blood Elf's eyebrows were dubious -- well, the Blood Elf was dubious; his eyebrows just displayed that emotion.

"I had my Alliance citizenship proof," the Worgen said, gesturing at a small chicken next to him.

"A chicken?" Throgg asked.

"A Westfall chicken," the druid said. "It's an Alliance fowl."

"Oh the Alliance is f ... " Throgg started, but Lolegolas cut him off with a shout of "Don't!"

The druid looked bemused. "Only Alliance can get this particular poultry, and only in Westfall. It's quite a prestigious plucker. A clever clucker."

Lolegolas kept his hand clasped tightly over the Orc's mouth and gave the druid an angry look. "You're doing this on purpose. And besides, the Undead have the chickens, too."

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Westfall Chicken

Type It's a chicken. It clucks, y'all. It clucks and it clucks and it clucks, y'all. It's clucker than cluck, and it clucks y'all.
How to get it OK, go to Brill or Westfall. Find a chicken. And spam the slash command /chicken at it. Eventually, you'll get the quest CLUCK! I promise, I'm telling the truth. You can do it as either Horde or Alliance, in the appropriate town.
How to get rid of it You learn the chicken as a pet, so it's not like it's taking up bag space.

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