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Team Bondi owed $1.4 million to employees, faces tech company


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LA Noire's defunct developer Team Bondi owed AU$1,425,156 ($1.4M USD) to creditors when the decision was made to shutter the studio. Edge reports over a million dollars was owed to the staff, with tens of thousands owed to developers who defended the working conditions at the studio, and nearly $100k apiece owed to the studio's controversial executives.

The real kicker is that nearly $150K is still owed to Depth Analysis, Team Bondi studio boss Brendan McNamara's firm that created the MotionScan facial animation tech, unquestionably a major factor that helped the game stand out.

Hold up, we take it back... the real kicker is that $54,427.01 is still owed to Bondi's accountants.

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