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Facelock app hits the Ovi Store, Symbian handsets frame your face for security


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Unlocking your phone doesn't get any easier than a simple patterned swipe or pre-set pin. But for the fussy amongst you, there's an alternative solution to make you feel both confidently futuristic, and downright ridiculous. Facelock, the facial recognition security app announced back at Nokia World 2010, has finally mosied on over to the Ovi Store, beta tag in tow. The screen lock tech functions pretty much as you'd expect: once you've set a static image of your face as a code, the front-facing camera will then match it up to your mug and, presto magico, you'll have access to your device. The free app is apparently compatible only with Symbian 3 handsets, although those rocking Anna and Belle shouldn't encounter any difficulties. Ready to face / off with your phone? Then hit up the source link below to download the gratis goods.

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