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Breakfast Topic: Transmogrification means revenge


This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

We've all had this problem: that one piece of gear that never dropped when it was relevant, only to drop the first time you went back, and you were left going "Really? ... Really?!" Sure, you laugh it off, but you can't help but give the RNG gods the finger, can you?

When I started thinking about what gear I'd want to gather from transmogrification, the very first idea that came to me seemed so ... perfect. Back in The Burning Crusade, I had a huge bone to pick with the Beast Lord Armor. I had the legs, chest, and gloves, but the helm and shoulders refused to ever drop for me. I had to get the look-alike PVP shoulders just so I wasn't wearing greens anymore. I went back at level 80 to get some reputations to exalted, only for both pieces to drop on my first try. My friends on voice chat could hear the steam coming out of my ears!

Transmogrification has given me the will to go and collect that whole set all over again (with the matching belt and boots), and I am going to wear it with pride. I am going to show Blizzard that it doesn't roll the dice -- I do. I also think the armor set looks pretty badass, but that's a different matter.

Has transmogrification driven you to go and get that one piece (or more) of gear that never dropped back in the day? And why are you getting it? For looks? Closure? To beat that one boss down over and over for the hell it caused you back in the day?

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