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More details on XSEED's disturbing Corpse Party


The first announcement and trailer for XSEED's localization of Corpse Party focused on squicking us out with the game's premise -- a haunted elementary school filled with dead children -- but what about the actual game through which the squick is delivered?

On the PlayStation Blog, XSEED Localization Specialist and chief Corpse Party booster Tom Lipschultz offered more detail on the gameplay. Corpse Party is a "horror adventure game" divided into five chapters, each focusing on a small group of characters trying to escape from the school. Rather than a "visual novel" style (like 999), "most of the game is fully interactive, allowing you to walk around and explore Heavenly Host Elementary as you see fit, carefully examining objects and piecing together the sordid history of the school at every turn."

You'll have to make decisions about what to do, which could lead to a "bad" ending. At other times, you'll have to move quickly to escape a pursuing ghost or leave a trapped room, or you risk joining the party.

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