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Steve Jobs banner in the Windy City a nice tribute (Updated)


We've seen all sorts of Steve Jobs tributes over the last few days, with most Apple Stores worldwide being showered with flowers, personal messages, and even old Macs. TUAW reader James Risley saw a unique tribute to Steve in Chicago -- two of the ubiquitous street banners in that city, showing the now-iconic portrait of Jobs on one side, and the new "Steve Jobs Apple logo" by Jonathan Mak on the other. Risley whipped out his iPhone and took this shot for posterity.

Both banners say "Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011", but on the black banner is a touch that only a Mac fan could appreciate. It's a progress bar, like that seen when you're listening to a song in iTunes It's a horizontal scroll bar, starting in 1955 and stopped short in 2011. Above the progress scroll bar is the song title -- "Thanks, Steve."

Risley only saw one banner, which was put up on October 7. This is probably a personal tribute for Jobs, but it's nice that the City of Chicago allowed it to be raised in his honor.

Thanks to TUAW reader Jeffrey for pointing out that it was a scroll bar and not a progress bar.

Update: The "culprits" who put up the personal tribute to Steve are from ImageFiction of Chicago. Eric from ImageFiction reports that "the city didn't allow it or disallow it, we just did it! Just like Steve would like it." Check out the gallery of photos below, courtesy of ImageFiction.

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