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Anderson Silva chosen by fans as the UFC Undisputed 3 cover athlete


Reigning middleweight UFC champ (and the guy broadly agreed-upon as the best pound-for-pound fighter currently living in the world right now) Anderson Silva has been voted on by fans to become the cover athlete for UFC Undisputed 3, scheduled for release next January. The decision makes sense for a lot of reasons besides just the vote: Silva is one of the UFC's most popular fighters, and he's been on a streak that's made history and then some, roundly demolishing fighter after fighter in his division with ability that far outweighs most anyone he's ever faced. Silva's last loss was back in 2006, and since then he's gone undefeated in an unheard-of 15 fights, nine of which were title defenses.

In short, Anderson "The Spider" Silva isn't just the best guy you'd want on a game about ultimate fighting -- he's the best there is. The game? Oh, um, yeah. We're sure the game is good too.

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