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[Updated] Get ready for War of the Immortals with a closed beta key from Massively

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Closed beta for War of the Immortals is drawing ever nearer -- the first round of testing is scheduled to begin on October 25th.

If you're anxious to start checking out the game and hunting down the bugs, we've got you covered here at Massively with a pile of beta keys courtesy of Perfect World Entertainment. Just visit our giveaway page to grab your key code, then head to the Perfect World site. Log in, go to "My Account," click "Redeem Beta Keys," and enter your code. That's it -- you're in the War of the Immortals beta!

Have fun, and thanks to PWE for the beta keys!

[UPDATE: The beta start has been delayed until November 9th]

[War of the Immortals is now in open beta and open to all]

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