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A look behind the scenes for City of Heroes' first signature arc

Eliot Lefebvre

The second part of the first signature arc for City of Heroes is now available for players (free for VIP and in the Paragon Market for everyone else), continuing to ask the question of who will die. It's a weighty question when you're dealing with the key NPCs of the game lore for the whole of its lifespan, one that Paragon Studios isn't addressing without a keen understanding of the consequences. A new video documentary has just been released, with the staff discussing the creation of the arc.

As laid out in the video, one of the major pushes for the signature arc wasn't just to engage the players who were already committed to the game but to attract new players to City of Heroes Freedom because of the major changes being wrought upon the lore. Check out the full documentary just past the cut, with a few hints about where the arc might end up when the dust settles.

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