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Heroes of Neverwinter brings D&D combat to Facebook


The actual Neverwinter MMO isn't set to come out until later on next year, but Heroes of Neverwinter is a new social game that's available to play right now on Facebook. According to the trailer above, it offers the "deepest RPG experience Facebook has ever seen," with some strategy-accented, turn-based combat based on the D&D system, and even a dungeon creation tool to play with. As you might imagine, the game is heavily microtransaction-based, so your journey through the Forgotten Realms will likely be punctuated with plenty of pitches to spend some real-life dough on the title.

But if you've been waiting for Facebook games to actually show a little more complexity (more complexity, at least, than those wooden animations in the trailer), Heroes of Neverwinter does up the ante. It's available for free right now on the big blue social network.

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