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'Quality concerns' keep user-created content out of World of Warcraft

Eliot Lefebvre

User-created content can be a real hornet's nest in any game. When the user-created content systems are done correctly, you get a lot of new and imaginative content in the game straight from the players. But it's the question of what happens when it goes wrong that keeps user-created content out of World of Warcraft, according to Chris Metzen. As Metzen put it in a recent GDC online panel, while he loves the idea and the team does bring it up from time to time, there's a concern about whether or not the regular level of content would meet the standards of quality the team expects for game content.

Metzen also discussed some of the pressures the Blizzard staff faces with Titan's design, since the game is explicitly not set in one of the company's existing and long-running franchises. While he doesn't reveal any major details regarding the upcoming game, if you're eager for every scrap of information about the secretive project, it's well worth taking a look.

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