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Sorry farmers, but your cow is in another CastleVille (or: Zynga announces CastleVille for Facebook)


As if Zynga's plan to ghettoize Facebook players into various "Villes" wasn't already enormously successful, the social game megapublisher today announced intentions to branch into the burgeoning castle market with upcoming game "CastleVille." CEO Mark Pincus announced the game during a San Francisco-based press event this afternoon (morning for SFers), revealing that it was currently in production at Zynga's Dallas branch.

reports that gameplay centers on building and supporting a castle, with the added twist of defending it occasionally "from beasties." Pincus apparently told attendees that the title had been in production for at least a year. It's currently unknown when the game is launching, but we imagine when it does arrive it'll be launching on both Facebook and Google+. Get your ... uh ... moats ready! Yeah!

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