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British broadcaster ITV makes the move to Mac


Another major company has made the switch to the Mac. This time it's British broadcaster ITV, which is currently in the middle of a five-year technology transition. The company will switch out its employees' PCs with Macs and include Google Apps in the deal, installing Google's software on hardware for 7,000 different employees in the system. Not all of the company's employees will get Macs, as apparently different roles may still need PCs for certain types of software (Boot Camp, anyone?). Still, given the choice, I think plenty of the employees will probably elect to go Mac if they can.

There's no mention of using iPads or iPhones in the workplace, but that seems a given; we've already seen in the past just how much using these devices at work can help everything from productivity to innovation. Welcome aboard, ITV. We're glad to see another big company making the switch over to the Mac platform at work.

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