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City of Heroes announces a player summit

Eliot Lefebvre

City of Heroes has always had a development studio keenly interested in keeping players abreast of new developments. That's been reflected in the regular gatherings hosted by Paragon Studios for the players, but with the launch of the game's new business model, the team wants to have a much larger-scale event. That puts it beyond the realm of a mere gathering -- it's now being dubbed the City of Heroes Player Summit, taking place on November 19th in Palo Alto, California.

While the details of what will take place at the summit are currently under wraps, the announcement promises that players will have a chance to chat with developers, attend special panels just for the summit, and walk away with a few extra goodies. It might be a bit of a trek if you're not already in the area, but if you're a longtime player of the game, it might be worth a trip to the West Coast just to see what will be on the agenda for the summit.

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