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Daily iPhone App: Aiko Island


Aiko Island is a physics puzzler with a little different take than usual -- instead of flinging cute little guys around, you're instead working to keep them from falling off of the screen. The idea is that there are little blue creatures and little red creatures, and by deleting some of the red creatures (and/or support structures, just by touching them), you can remove them from the screen without letting the little blue guys fall.

It may sound complicated, but once you dive it, it's really that perfect mix of easy to understand and (eventually) really hard to master. Oftentimes, I just found myself trying experiment after experiment to see if I could make things fall correctly -- deleting some of the blocks in one order or another. There is some strategy to the madness (usually, you need to work on balancing one of two sides, or just make sure you're closing up all of the gaps in the right order), but still, sometimes I would just find the solution by random. Not a great feature, unfortunately, in a precise puzzle game like this one.

Still, Aiko Island is colorful and fun, and especially if you like physics puzzlers, this one is right up your alley. It's even cute and fuzzy enough for the kids to play with (though some of the younger ones probably won't figure out the toughest levels right away). The game's packed with content, with over 120 puzzles to play with, really polished graphics and score, and full Game Center and OpenFeint integration. Aiko Island is a deal at just US99 cents for iPhone, or you can pick up the iPad version for $1.99.

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