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Embrace your obsessive inner typefacer with 'KernType,' a game about kerning


It's rare that we separate ourselves from our readers when choosing pieces to post on Joystiq, but with Method of Action's "KernType," we had to make an exception. You see, folks, our love for games is important, but our distinctly less relatable love/obsession with visual design is just as strong, which is why we immediately fell head over heels for KernType.

Oh, we should probably explain what "kerning" is, eh? It's the space between letters in words. Yup, thrilling stuff, we know. But it's important! And in KernType, you're tasked with fixing the kerning of various typefaces (represented by words such as "wave" and "type"), which then compares your own skill with that of proportional computations. Call of Duty deathmatch it is not, but if you're of the very particular niche that is both obsessed with games and the written word, KernType is right up your alley. Also, hey, it's free right here!

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