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Nexon looking to purchase Freestyle developer

Eliot Lefebvre

Do you like street basketball? It certainly seems like the folks at Nexon do, seeing as how the company is in talks to purchase the developer of Freestyle. The rather unique street basketball MMO is developed by South Korean company JCE, and Nexon is currently in meetings with the company's majority stockholders. Successful negotiations wouldn't mean that Nexon could quite make the company a subsidiary, but they would be the first step down that road.

Followers of the industry will no doubt notice that this is an ongoing pattern with Nexon's recent acquisition, as the Seoul-based company has purchased a variety of other South Korean development studios in recent months, as well as a Spanish development studio. What this would mean for the games in North America or for the industry as a whole is unclear as of yet, although it would certainly be another installment of Nexon solidifying its MMO catalogue.

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