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OmniFocus gets iOS 5 location-based reminders


OmniFocus has updated its popular OmniFocus for iPhone and OmniFocus for iPad apps. The updates bring iOS 5 compatibility and the usual bug fixes, but they also bring a very cool new feature OmniFocus users are sure to love: Location Reminders.

Using iOS 5′s geo-fencing APIs, both the iPad and iPhone OmniFocus apps will now alert you to a reminder when you are in the appropriate area. This is the same feature found in Apple's Reminders app, included with iOS 5. However, OmniFocus doesn't just duplicate the features already found in Apple's Reminders app. It's added some more of its own; as noted by MacStories, OmniFocus offers more options than Reminders, including more granular control over your location settings.

Though the OmniFocus updates are available now, users will have to wait until they have iOS 5 up and running on their devices to take advantage of them. OmniFocus for iPhone is US$19.99 in the App Store, and OmniFocus for iPad is $39.99.

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