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Orcs Must Die! springs a trap on Steam


The thing about Orcs is, as misunderstood as they possibly may be, they still gotta go. They must die. It's kinda like destiny.

And, as was foretold (give or take a day) by the great seers at Robot Entertainment, Orcs Must Die! is now available for download on Steam. PC gamers, you no longer have an excuse for not doing your duty and killing a whole lot of Orcs -- well, unless you can't afford the $14.99 cost of admission.

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PLANO, Texas - October 11, 2011 – Robot Entertainment has announced that Orcs Must Die! is now available for purchase and download on Steam for $14.99. Today's release is one day earlier than originally scheduled. Players who purchase the game before 8:00am PST on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 will still receive the special pre-purchase "Knight of the Order" costume for the War Mage.

"The pre-launch buzz around Orcs Must Die! has been outstanding," said Patrick Hudson, CEO of Robot Entertainment. "We have an opportunity to release the game a little bit early so we jumped at the chance to let players start massacring orcs a day early."

Orcs Must Die! is an action-strategy game that challenges players to defend fortresses under siege. With a wide variety of traps and weapons to choose from, Orcs Must Die! dares players to find the best ways to hack, launch, flatten, gibletize, and incinerate an endless army of filthy orcs and their vile allies. Orcs Must Die! features a vibrant look, addictive gameplay, and a blatant disregard for the welfare of orcs.

· Play as the War Mage and defend 24 fortresses from an enraged mob of orcs and 11 other villainous monsters.

· Choose from a selection of 6 weapons and magic spells and 17 traps that hack, launch, flatten, gibletize, and incinerate your enemies.

· Upgrade your traps, spells and weapons to cater the game to your personal play style.

· Cleverly combine traps and spells for higher scores on the leaderboards.

· Expertly wield your wits and your weapons through the story-driven campaign and unlock a brutal "Nightmare" campaign.

· Replay fortresses endlessly, combining different defenses and tactics every time!

Orcs Must Die! is rated T by the ESRB, and will be available exclusively as a digital download. For more information about Orcs Must Die!, please visit

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