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RIFT introduces Ashes of History edition game upgrade [Updated]


Did you miss out on the RIFT collector's edition? Are you jealous of all the people riding around on their fancy tartagon mounts? Of course you aren't, because they look dumb. You could grab the collector's edition for an extra $10, but maybe you'd like to one-up those people and their testudine rides. Or perhaps you just want to grab a few extra goodies to help you out in Telara. Well, boy-howdy are you in luck.

Trion Worlds has introduced the new RIFT: Ashes of History edition. This new upgrade, available for $10, includes a new spindrel mount, a portable banker, and a faction tabard for each of your characters, making the upgrade perfect for those looking for a little extra convenience and cosmetic enhancement, but not-so-perfect for the arachnophobic. If you want to shell out a bit for some fancy swag, the Ashes of History edition upgrade can be purchased at RIFT's official site.

[Thanks to Scott for the tip!]

[Update: Trion has also announced a freebie weekend starting tomorrow, October 13th, and running through Monday morning. How's that for incentive to buy the upgrade?]

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