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Samsung attempts to ambush iPhone 4S launch in Sydney


Samsung has set up a temporary shop in Sydney, right across from the local Apple Store, and started hawking Galaxy S2 phones for the low, low price of two bucks (with a two-year contract, naturally). The line for the bargain-basement priced phone was reportedly longer than the nearby line for the iPhone 4S. That's not a huge surprise; people do love a bargain, and a two dollar smartphone certainly looks like one.

Not everyone was impressed by Samsung's offer. Two teenagers waiting in line for the iPhone 4S had this to say to the Sydney Morning Herald: "There's this guy who has come up to us trying to convince us to buy the Samsung Galaxy S II two days in a row now. And he's an idiot."

The iPhone 4S will launch in Australia in less than 24 hours as of this writing, and reportedly Samsung's makeshift store will close up shop the next day.

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