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WoW Moviewatch: Exodar Disco


With BlizzCon about two weeks away, the WoW Insider staff is celebrating the wild, wonderful world of WoW machinima by revisiting some old favorites.

Mat McCurley is a gentleman of taste, aplomb, and eloquence. He's a joy in conversation and a pleasure to share a cup of coffee with. He does, however, have a verbal tic. If you utter the words "Exodar," "Draenei," or "disco" around him, he explodes into song. It's really quite amazing, since he does an astounding rendition of Exodar Disco.

Exodar Disco may be the finest piece of work that Greyfoo has ever created (that, or we're all just obsessed with it because McCurley is such a big fan). We even play it at BlizzCon every year. Here's hoping you can enjoy this piece, whether it's a repeat for you or your first time.
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