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Adweek calls Jobs the 'greatest marketer of the age'


AdWeek has written up a nice long retrospective on Steve Jobs and his work, and understandably, they're in awe of the man and what he's done with his company. Jobs wasn't just a genius in terms of building computers and crafting quality, he was also brilliant at making sure that he always set the conversation when it came to advertising and selling those computers. Whether you're talking about the Think Different ads, the famous 1984 Mac ad, or the more recent Mac/PC ads, Apple's work under Steve was really amazing, and his vision really drove the company and its products to the place where it is today. Even looking back at the iPod and how Apple positioned it as a revolutionary device (even while it was surrounded by a sea of lesser media players), the marketing there was second to none.

We have joked in the past about Steve's "reality distortion field," and even with him gone, people will always laugh about Apple "fanboys" and the Cult of Mac. But despite all of the witty and iconic advertising, don't forget that what drove all of it was the quality that Steve Jobs pushed for in Apple's products, and that culture at the company that always reached for making better, more beautiful things.

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