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Lineage II celebrates Play Your Way with October Bonanza


Lineage II players, are you ready for a bonanza!? If you said no, then too bad! To celebrate the game's new Play Your Way business model, NCSoft is throwing an October Bonanza that players surely don't want to miss.

It all kicked off on October 12th with new Loyalty Subscription Gifts. Any player who purchases a new subscription between now and the 31st of October will receive some fine gifts, including a Dynasty Weapon Box and five Birthday Present Packs.

On top of that, from October 19th until November 2nd, players will be receiving weekly thank-you gifts from NCSoft to show the studio's gratification to them for their loyalty. These gifts are Potion Support Packs, a Supplies Support Pack, and a Dimensional Support Pack.

And last up, NCSoft's Player Commendation event will be beginning on the 19th and continuing until November 9th. During this event, players will receive a 50% XP bonus and a 100% Fame boost, a buffing blessing, and the ability to gain Player Commendation points, or PC points. PC Points are points earned just for being logged into the game, which accumulate over time and can be exchanged for a variety of useful items.

For the full details on the upcoming event, check out Lineage II's official site.

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