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New study says almost half of iPhone owners plan to upgrade to the 4S

Mel Martin

A new study, by Retrevo, has been released today. The numbers, especially for iPhone 4 owners are higher than I might have expected.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 44% of 3G and 3GS owners plan to upgrade to the iPhone 4S
  • 42% of iPhone 4 owners say they plan to make the jump
  • 24% of Android owners say they are coming on board the Apple 4S
  • 12% of BlackBerry owners say they are willing to switch

Other tidbits from the study: 18% of buyers are willing to wait in a long line to get the phone. 53% of Apple iPhone owners are not disappointed with the 4S, but 21% wish it had a new design. 29% wanted 4G connectivity, and 12% wish it had a larger display.

The Retrevo study sampled 1300 smartphone users across the US earlier this month.

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