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Patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV's 1.19a update unveiled

Eliot Lefebvre

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Patch 1.19 is still fresh in the minds of every Final Fantasy XIV player; it was a big change for the game that ushered in a lot of welcome additions and improvements. But not quite everything was ready for prime time when the patch went live, leading to the promise of a patch 1.19a with a few more features. With the patch having just gone live, patch notes for 1.19a have understandably been released, and the latest notes should continue to make players happy with several further updates beyond the obvious elements held over from 1.19.

Aside from the addition of the third beastman stronghold and the implementation of levequest history evaluations, the patch will bring the long-desired feature by which the game remembers your bar layouts when you switch classes rather than forcing you to re-arrange bars each time. There have also been several bugfixes and price reductions on several vendor-sold items across the cities. While this latest bridging patch won't be the game-changer of its predecessor, it should still be welcome when the servers come back online from the patch process.

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