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The OverAchiever: Guide to Hallow's End 2011, part 2

Allison Robert

Tricky Treat nausea.
Out With It (required)

Out With It is pretty easy to do, although it requires a little more work than it used to. While Tricky Treats used to be a common (absurdly common, to the point of being a pain in the ass for bag space) drop after a Headless Horseman kill, they're now the currency associated with the holiday. You can get them from the holiday's daily quests and the Handful of Treats you pick up from candy buckets. Just keep eating the Treats, and before long you'll have what the Australians call a technicolor yawn. My goblin got this year's after only five.

Rotten Hallow (required)

Rotten Hallow (Alliance) / Rotten Hallow (Horde) has changed this year. While it once concerned each faction's efforts to clean up or trash Southshore respectively, Southshore has fallen to the Horde as of Cataclysm. These days, you'll find yourself going after far bigger meat in the form of new daily quests in Stormwind and Undercity. For the purpose of the Rotten Hallow achievement, you only need to do them once, but you'll probably want to do them more than that as they reward Tricky Treats.

I've listed the required quests (separate for each faction) below:

Alliance Everything you'll need will start in or around Stormwind.
  • A Time to Gain I'm guessing that a quest giver somewhere obvious in Stormwind is going to send you to Celestine of the Harvest (better known as the Gilnean druid trainer) outside the gates. It looks like the Alliance gets its own wicker man this year and, judging from the description given in the Horde quests below, it should be right outside Stormwind.
  • A Time to Lose Aaaand she'll send you up to Lordaeron to douse the flames on the Undercity wicker man as well.
  • Stink Bombs Away! I'm not yet sure who the original quest giver is, but I'm assuming it'll probably start with Celestine or someone nearby. Because the quest can be taken by low-level players, I'm assuming the broom will grant you the same immunity to PVP action that taxi rides do.
  • Clean up in Stormwind It's no longer necessary to clean up Southshore (the previous quest), seeing as to how Southshore's been lost to the Horde. However, you can put your cleaning tendencies to good use in Stormwind.
Horde As with the Alliance version, most of what you need should start in or around one city, in this case Undercity.
  • A Time to Build Up The Wickerman is now located inside the Ruins of Lordaeron, better known as the Undercity courtyard. It's very visible, and the NPC who starts the quest (Darkcaller Yanka) is directly in front of it. Tossing a torch at the Wickerman and painting your face with the ashes will involve no more than a skip right in front of you to the bonfire and ash piles.
  • A Time to Break Down The Alliance Wickerman is located in front of Stormwind, and transportation isn't provided. If you have a flying mount, this will obviously be a lot easier, not only for getting there but for getting away. Not going to lie, folks -- this can be ugly for low-level players if there are a lot of people around the enemy Wickerman. While you can reach the Alliance Wickerman without being flagged on a PvE server as a Horde player, you will get flagged the moment you douse it. Try not to do this at server high time.
  • Stink Bombs Away! Like the Alliance version, you'll be dumping stink bombs from a broomstick. Crina Fenlow will take you down on a broom vehicle (it's a quick port; you won't have to fly the length of the continent!) and fly you around the city while you toss 25 bombs around Stormwind. Be advised that this quest will flag you for PvP, although you don't seem to be targetable while you're on the broom.
  • Clean Up in Undercity You'll need to make a short trip around Undercity to get rid of the stink bomb residue, which looks like large orange gas clouds. There are plenty of them around, although you'll spend longer on this quest at server high time or early in the holiday with lots of would-be cleaner-uppers around. Why the Forsaken care about eliminating an extra smell from Undercity is something I'll never understand, but get cleaning.
Check Your Head (required)

Check Your Head is probably the easiest of all the various holiday achievements that ask you to do something with specific races, classes and sexes, as all you need to do is find all 10 races. This is considerably easier than, say, finding a Dwarf rogue for Turkey Lurkey.

Weighted Jack-o'-Lanterns are obtainable from three different sources:
  • The Headless Horseman drops them frequently.
  • You'll also find them in the large, flaming pumpkin left on the ground when the Headless Horseman is defeated in level 10 towns (see The Savior of Hallow's End, above).
  • It's rewarded by the Let the Fires Come/Stop the Fires daily quests.
You'll need 12 to complete the achievement (one for each race), which is very easy. Target the players in question and right-click a Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern in your bags, and your target will find him or herself with a pumpkin for a head. The only thing you need to worry about it is accidentally targeting someone who's already gotten the pumpkin treatment, as you can use up a Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern this way but not receive credit. This is a common occurrence with less-played races like Trolls, Gnomes, and Dwarves on many servers, so be careful if you're in a crowd of people trying to get the achievement done. Helpful players often click off the pumpkin buff to allow more people to get the achievement, but not everyone does this (or is aware that multiple players are targeting him).

Sinister Calling (required)

There are two ways to complete Sinister Calling:
  • Get both items (the Sinister Squashling and Hallowed Helm) as a drop from the Headless Horseman.
  • Get them as a random drop from the Treat Bags given by innkeepers once per hour.
This should be easier than in years past, as the ability to farm the Horseman and other holiday bosses was nixed in favor of the Dungeon Finder system. The drop rate on special drops was vastly increased as a result, so as long as you're killing the Horseman once a day, you should get both pretty easily.

Bring Me The Head of ... Oh Wait (required)

Bring Me The Head of ... Oh Wait entails killing the Headless Horseman, and that's pretty easy. Pull up your Dungeon Finder (the default hotkey is "I"), and the Headless Horseman should appear in the dungeon selection options. Queue for a group (or just queue your existing group), and you'll be ported as soon as possible. If you've never done the Headless Horseman before, he's pretty easy, and you can find a strategy guide for more help. Otherwise, just hit him, then his head, then him, then his head. There's your kill!

We saw evidence of a new loot list (with ilevel 365 items) back on the patch 4.2 PTR:
Trick or Treat! (required)

Which inn you choose for Trick or Treat! and the candies you get doesn't matter; just right-clicking the candy bucket will do. This is by far the easiest of all achievements needed for the Hallowed Be Thy Name meta, and you'll get it anyway while doing Tricks and Treats of Azeroth.

Working on achievements? The Overachiever is here to help! Count on us for advice on Azeroth's holidays and special events, including new achievements, how to get 310% flight speed with achievement mounts, and Cataclysm reputation factions and achievements.

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