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Beenox working on an Amazing Spider-Man game (legal clarification: THAT IS JUST THE TITLE)

Justin McElroy

As you, let's be frank, knew all along, Activision will release a video game based on The Amazing Spider-Man, the celluloid relaunch of America's favorite wall-crawler. IGN spotted a poster for the game at the New York Comic-Con, going on ... well, right now, as a matter of fact.

Though its existence is no surprise, the fact that it's being developed by Beenox may just be. Should it release alongside the film in July, The Amazing Spider-Man will follow Beenox's dismal Spider-Man: Edge of Time by just nine months.

Nine months. Like a baby.

On the bright side, Amazing Spider-Man will likely only feature one Spidey as compared to Edge of Time's two Spideys. So maybe it only needs half as much development time? Maybe?

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