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Siri limited outside the US; international improvements coming in 2012


Siri, the intelligent voice recognition software in iOS 5, is the biggest feature of the new iPhone 4s, which launched today. However, it's slowly becoming apparent that users outside the US are finding limitations on what Siri will do. MacStories has done a good job of rounding up some of the limitations of Siri's advertised features outside of the US:

  • Business lookup (with Yelp integration) is not available outside the US.
  • Map directions and traffic data is not available outside the US.
  • Besides US, UK, and Australian accents, Siri may have some trouble with "very specific" English accents.
  • Wolfram Alpha integration is only available to English-speaking countries at the moment.

This is nowhere an exhaustive list as I'm sure we will see more reports of Siri's limitations flow in from other countries the 4s launched in today (the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, UK, France, and Germany). To be fair though, Apple has labeled Siri as "beta" software from the beginning and is sure to add features for other countries as time goes on. Matter of fact, Apple has already noted on Siri's FAQ that "Maps and local search support will be available in additional countries in 2012" and "In 2012, Siri will support additional languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish."

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